Sunday, March 24, 2013

A seven-year-old's spiritual journey

It all started with a school journal entry.

"My favorite book is the Bible. I love the Bible because you learn about Jesus and God," Julie wrote last week.

This pretty much shocked me.

We never just pick up and read the Bible to Julie and Johnny. We try to go to church as much as possible, we pray at dinner and bedtime and we talk about God. Reading Bible passages together; however, doesn't happen very often. I guess I thought the Bible was over their head. Honestly, sometimes I feel like it's over my head.

I couldn't really tell you where our Bible was in our house, until Julie came bounding downstairs hugging it to her chest the other day. I seriously have no idea where she found it.

"I just love this book," Julie proclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

I smiled too, kind of in disbelief at her newfound spirituality.

Somehow God has become an important part of her life and that makes us happy. It also encourages us to make faith a more important part of our family.

Today I found a crumpled piece of paper beneath her piano. As I read it, I realized it was a song about Jesus. "We all need to put our heart in Jesus," Julie wrote in the song.

How right she is.

Julie reading a children's book about the story of Jesus rising on Easter

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