Thursday, March 21, 2013

Johnny and the Purple Crayon

What is it with my kids and purple crayons?

Julie was a few months younger than Johnny when she decided to artisticly cover her bedroom in purple. It was supposed to be naptime, even though actual sleep rarely happened at that point. By 3 1/2 Julie had decided she had no need for naptime, though I insisted on making her rest quietly in her room. That day Julie seemed particularly quiet, so much so, that I optimistically assumed she had actually fallen asleep.

Of course I discovered the real reason for the silence when I opened the door and saw a purple smurf sitting on the floor admiring her purple masterpiece of a bedroom. My Julie had scribbled purple all over the walls, the floor, the bed, the dresser, her dolls, her clothes...pretty much anything in sight.

I barely said a word. Just stared at my purple daughter in shock.

She looked up, buried her face in her purple hands and began to cry.

Here we are four years later, and my Johnny finds use for a purple crayon---on the tile floor in the office. Johnny's artwork was much more subtle---just a couple tile squares scribbled with purple crayon. But, it was still there. And the handiwork was undeniably his.

The difference? When I questioned Johnny, he told me, straight-faced:  "The Easter Bunny did it."

The truth eventually came out. And the tears of regret quickly followed, then of course came the cleanup session.
A remorseful Johnny cleaning up his mess. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean erasers!

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