Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's to me

It's 7 p.m.
I think I need to go to bed right now.
Today is April 1 and it was one humongous April Fool's joke on me.
In reality today wouldn't have been quite so bad, except for one minor event that entirely ruined the first day of April.

I hit another car with my car----meaning our 2013 Dodge Durango we bought five months ago. The beautiful metallic blue car that I absolutely love!

The thing is I didn't just ruin my day---I ruined the day of someone else--a completely innocent mom who drives a Honda Odyssey with car seats in the back and baby wipes on the front seat.

That makes me feel like crap.

I'm not even sure how it happened.
I was pulling into a regular parking space (not parallel) with plenty of room and sideswiped the Honda Odyssey. Cringing, I slowly backed up.

There was no denying the black scrape on the driver's side door of the Honda or the peeling pant and white scrapes on my Durango.

Of course I reported the incident to the police and our insurance will pay for the damage, but what an awful way to start spring 2013. Worst part about this whole thing? Scott really thought the accident was an April Fool's joke. I wish it was!

Can I please get a re-do of April 1?

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