Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Being me at 24 or 34

I’ll be 35 in June.

Some days I feel every minute of 35, if not older.

I’m tired by 8 p.m.

I can’t hide the dark circles or crinkles around my eyes.

I can barely drink a couple glasses of wine without feeling like crap. I sometimes wake up with an achy back and most days I’m a mature, responsible adult.

But, every once and a while I still feel like my 19-year-old self---that crazy, carefree girl who loves to dance and sing karaoke, and make people crack up at her goofiness.
Whenever I let loose, friends and family who know me best say “That’s just Kristy being Kristy.”

Most recently my wild side emerged on a trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. As part of the trip, which Scott earned through work, I danced on stage with Train. Yes. The same band that sings “Meet Virginia,” and “Drops of Jupiter,” and “Soul Sister” and bunches of other amazing songs.

We knew we were going to see Train up close and personal at a super small venue, so I did my homework before the trip. Scott downloaded Train’s newest songs, and I listened to that stuff nonstop and loved every refrain.

When it came time for the concert, I was prepared. I drank six glasses of wine, threw off my heels and barged to the front of the crowd until I was directly in front of lead singer Patrick Monahan.

I sang along, swayed to the beat, cheered enthusiastically after every number and screamed “I LOVE THAT SONG!!” when Patrick announced he was going to sing “a new song called ‘Mermaids’ that most people probably haven't heard.”

A tad stunned, Patrick (for real) looked down at me and asked me to dance on stage with him.

Without hesitation, I hopped up on stage with no shame for my dirty, bare feet, and rocked it to “Mermaids,” crooning into the microphone and giving my best fishy face to imitate an actual mermaid.

After the song, he called me “the coolest girl ever,” signed my t-shirt conveniently right over my boob, and I pretended to flash the crowd. Hey—we were in New Orleans.

And that was just Kristy being Kristy.


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