Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not quite a green thumb yet

Today I planted something. Outside. As of 4 p.m. it was still living.
I dug a hole. Placed some type of yellow bush in the hole which I covered with topsoil and mulch. In case my mother-in-law is reading--be assured I used Miracle Grow.

If you know me at all that was quite a feat.
I love plants and being outside and I really don't mind getting dirty, but I have kind of left all the outside work up to Scott who spends most of the weekends in the spring and summer working outside.

My dad was the gardener in the family. Growing up in a townhouse with a small yard, there wasn't a significant amount of yard work. But, he seemed to really like mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and planting flowers around our crab apple tree. He tried to get me involved in the gardening process, but I was always much happier reading a book or writing poems in the air-conditioned house.

I realize now that Dad felt a sense of accomplishment at planting something and watching it grow and flower. He took pride in making his little yard beautiful.

That's just how Scott feels. There's just something about getting dirty and feeling sore after a hard day's work spent outside. Then, watching the results of your labor. He transformed our barren yard in Pennsylvania to a lush green lawn with flowering bushes and a perfectly trimmed maple tree.

He's trying to do the same here in Chicago. A couple of weekends ago, he spent countless hours cutting down overgrown trees and bushes, and cleaning up yard debris.

So, I decided to become more involved in our yard beautification project. Do you think my little yellow bush will hold up?

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