Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run to remember

Breathlessly climbing the hilly last quarter mile of the marathon was probably the hardest of the entire race. As we catapulted over the finish line of the Marine Corps. Marathon in D.C., all that was on our minds was "We did it!" A sense of accomplishment overwhelmed us, and I can remember those moments so vividly, though the race was more than 2 years ago. 
The runners yesterday in Boston faced such a tragically different end to their marathon. The images of the end of their race will undoubtedly be seared in their minds forever.
Instead of hugging each other in jubilation, they hung tight to one another in grief.
Once again such a terrible, inexplicable act.
I feel so much pain thinking of the 8-year-old boy that was killed, along with the two others, as well as the hundreds who were injured horribly.
It's times like these when you wonder how you can help or what you can do to stop these monsters from doing something like this again and again and again?
Truly, the answer is we can't do much.
But, we can feel like we're doing something. I, along with thousands of other runners joined a group on Facebook "Runners United to Remember". We have vowed to run to honor the victims at Boston.

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