Thursday, April 25, 2013

The reminder

Ever have one of those days where your kids are driving you absolutely crazy, then suddenly you are reminded how completely wonderful they are?

This happened to me today.

Six days ago Johnny turned 4. Since then he has been trying my patience. Whining. Not listening. A couple tantrums. Just overall being pretty ornery.

Scott and I called it the birthday hangover. Who doesn't feel like crap the day after their birthday? One day you're king. You can do no wrong. You get presents and eat cake. People sing to you. You wear a "Birthday Boy" shirt and everyone smiles at you like you're the best kid in the entire world.

The next day it's back to normal and you're just you. That sucks. I know.

I'll give the kid the benefit of the doubt for two days...maybe three. By day 6 this mom is fed up.

Leave it to a preschool teacher put it all in perspective.

Today was parent/teacher conference day at Johnny's preschool. Johnny's super sweet teacher couldn't have given a more uplifting report.
There's nothing like hearing someone else lavish praise on your kid to make you feel like an A-plus mom again. If preschool gave out real report cards, Johnny's would be straight As, according to the teacher. He never misbehaves, is always respectful and he gets along with everyone. She's impressed that he writes his name, knows all his letters, numbers, shapes and colors. And, he's just a happy, fun kid at school. I especially loved this comment "He sings the loudest out of everyone in class!"

I grinned. I felt so incredibly proud of my little guy. And, in my head I gave myself and Scott a high-five for raising such a star student.

Then, I felt like a poophead mom. Ten minutes before I had been cursing my bratty son (in my head) for a bad week. When, really, he's such a great kid. All the things the teacher described are so true.

Of course life would be easier if our kids always acted like perfect little dolls, but that's not life. And, really it's not fair to expect that. I mean, how many weeks out of the year do I act like a hormonal crazy person? (The answer is at least 12 if you're wondering.)

So, I'm going to make it my mission to let my kids off the hook once and a while. Pout if they are mad or cry if they're sad. But I also have to learn not to let their bad moods affect how I relate to them or treat them. They're still the best kids in the world in my eyes....whether it's a bad week or not.
This is from last year, but isn't this the best picture ever? Makes me happy just looking at it.

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