Monday, May 27, 2013

Camping Chronicles

With oldies blaring on the radio, our camper covered some major ground up and down the East Coast. I was probably in second grade when my parents first bought the used Winebago from my uncle. To Kelly and I it was a dream come true.
Every summer we set off in the RV on a new adventure. As soon as the wheels started rolling, Dad shoved in the Roy Orbison cassette tape, and my sister and I scrambled up to the loft where we played Barbies for hours. We made some of the best memories on our camper vacations.

Scott also has some great childhood camping memories so we are determined to be a camping family.


 We have taken the kids tent camping a couple times, but we decided to start off slow this weekend and opted for a rustic cabin at Jelltystone Campground in Millbrook, Illinois. Jellystone Campgrounds are akin to family summer camp. There are activities planned pretty much every hour...from ice cream socials, obstacle courses and talent shows to hay rides every morning and arts and crafts every afternoon. The weather was less than ideal for Memorial Day weekend. It was a bit chilly, so no pool time and it started pouring on Sunday, so we headed home earlier than expected. But, we got in two campfires, a handful of hay rides, a round of mini golf, a couple hikes and a night hike when we used light sabers to light the way. Overall a successful trip!


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