Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Munch: House of Pho

Scott was a Vietnamese linguist in the Air Force. Before I met him, he traveled to Viet Nam twice to search for remains of missing soldiers. I'm always so proud to tell that story because I think that is such a tough and admirable job. While Scott was in Viet Nam he fell in love with the beautiful country and its people. He also fell in love with the food. When we started dating he convinced me to try Vietnamese food. It was a tough sell at first, but I have learned to love pho (a Vietnamese soup with shaved beef) and summer rolls with shrimp dipped in peanut sauce. We found an awesome spot for Vietnamese food in Schaumburg. House of Pho is in an unassuming strip mall, and is pretty casual, but the pho is delicious. Our friends were visiting from Maryland this weekend and they begged us to take them for Vietnamese food. So we went to House of Pho. The only downside of the restaurant is they do not have a liquor license, so bring your own wine, beer or cocktails if you want something to drink.

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