Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Munch: D and J Bistro

The great thing about living in Chicagoland is the food.  No one would argue with that. Each weekend we usually try a new restaurant. Very rarely do we eat at a restaurant twice. This doesn't mean the food is bad. It is simply because there are so many choices. We just don't want to waste our time somewhere we have already tried.
D and J Bistro in Lake Zurich is an exception. This upscale French spot is by far our favorite restaurant in the area. Our amazing realtor first took us to D and J Bistro on the night we decided to buy our house in Lake Zurich. Scott fell in love with the pork chop cordon bleu. I fell in love with the wine list. Since D and J is a bit pricey, it's our special occasion spot.

We went to D and J on the night we finally sold our house in Pennsylvania! This night was also a couple days after our anniversary. We had many reasons to celebrate!