Thursday, May 23, 2013

Way to go Mom!

My mom is way cooler than most people her age. Heck, if she didn't sport those tacky themed sweatshirts for every holiday, she would almost be cooler than me. What other 65-year-old grandma competes in Foam Fest? Foam Fest is one of those super popular dirty races--except foam is a big part of the event. Racers are forced to climb towering cargo nets, slide down steep foam-coated slides, squeeze beneath barbed wire and jump in muddy ponds. My sister signed up for the race a few months ago, but we convinced Mom to join along. Despite her trepidation she did it--forged every obstacle covered in foam and emerged all muddy and scraped. My mom was no doubt the oldest competitor and everyone was cheering her on along the race. This was Mom's first "dirty" race, but she has participated in countless other races, and she usually earns some type of medal for her age group. She's an inspiration to my sister and me. We only hope we're as cool at 65.

Mom (on right) with Kelly and her friend Shruti

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