Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Wow

I'm completely obsessed with Vera Bradley. It all started in college when my friends all had Vera Bradley luggage, and I was too poor to buy a Vera keychain.
Knowing my love for Vera, Scott treats me to a bag on pretty much every holiday. So, I have a Vera for every occasion.....big overnight bags, small overnight bags, totes, wallets, and purses. My most recent love is the crossbody hipster Scott gave me for Mother's Day. I just love this mint pattern. It's so different from any of the other patterns I have in my closet. This bag will come in handy in the summer when I can just throw in my wallet, phone and some snacks and take it to the park, or museum or pool or wherever we happen to be going. Today I brought it along to a park playdate and picnic.

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