Thursday, June 13, 2013

The not-so Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday at Julie's summer camp at church.
We were all excited about it.
Here she is with 6 ponytails and mismatching shirt and shorts.

It was so silly and fun....until we stepped into her little classroom and not one kid was decked out for Wacky Wednesday. No crazy hair. No mismatched socks or shoes. Everyone was completely color coordinated and normal.

Julie looked at me in horror and almost refused to go in.
She had so been looking forward to dressing silly and now she was all alone....except for the counselors, of course, who seemed to be the only ones who followed directions.

At that moment I was caught between the mom in me who just wanted to nudge her into the classroom and show off her goofy outfit. I wanted her to be strong and proud that she had summer camp spirit.

Then, there was the 7-year-old me who was completely mortified for my little girl. I could just imagine myself 28 years ago literally shrinking into a corner in a situation like this. I wanted to yank out Julie's ponytails, brush her hair and change her clothes.

But, Julie persevered. She pushed through, high-fived her goofily-clad counselors and walked into the room.

And when I picked her up, her crazy ponytails were still in place.

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  1. Ahhh! This is awesome :) Good for Julie, being different and strong about it. Can't wait to see you! xx