Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baseball star in the making

Let's admit it. We all want our kid to be the one who whacks the ball into the outfield and whizzes around all the bases.
Tonight that was not our Johnny. It was our first real tee-ball game and we were all excited.
Uniform. Glove. Hat. Good attitude. Johnny was prepared.
But, when our little guy got up to bat, he literally looked like he had never seen a baseball bat.
He held the bat upside down.
He hit the ball towards the catcher's mound.
He missed twice. When he finally hit the ball, it toppled off the tee, two inches away.
"Run Johnny!" Scott yelled, obviously wanting to end the torture.
But, it wasn't over.
"Sorry bud. That's a foul," declared the coach.
Seriously? Since when are there fouls in 4-year-old tee-ball?
So, we all winced and crossed our fingers as Johnny clumsily tried to hit, until finally he hit the ball past home base. He ran slowly to first, tugging off his bulky helmet, and singing a song along the way.
The rest of the game was pretty much the same.
He fetched a couple balls in the outfield, but Johnny spent most of the game looking curiously around the field, making goofy faces at his friends and singing silly chants.
When the game ended, he shook hands with the other team, high-fived his friends and skipped over to us. "Wow. That was a good game," he announced.
Yup. It sure was.

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