Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Munch: Snow Spoon

Anyone who knows me at all knows my about my deep love affair with ice cream. Not just any ice cream. Hand-dipped just won't do. It's all soft-serve for this girl.
The frozen yogurt bar phenomenon is absolutely delightful. Not only do we have delicious Red Mango in our town, but we have a new hot spot: Snow Spoon.
We tried out this froyo wonderland Sunday night after watching Monsters University (which was hilarious by the way.)

Walking into the stark white ice cream shop, I kind of felt like I was in an upscale boutique or beauty salon. Everything was pristine and bright white--almost blinding. White leather couches occupy the middle of the restaurant with white tables and chairs strategically placed around the shop.

There are easily a dozen yogurt flavors with twice as many topping choices. I loved the birthday cake and white chocolate mousse flavors. My only complaint would be the fruit should have been diced a little more finely. (I love Red Mango's fruit options.)

Red Mango definitely didn't lose us as customers, but we'll be stopping by Snow Spoon again.

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