Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Wow--Wedding Style

Saturday was a big milestone.
It was our last "friend" wedding.
Karen and Rick, our good friends from Baltimore got married and we had a blast.
We have been celebrating our friends' nuptials for 11 years. Our friends Kelly and Dan started us off in 2002, with Scott and I quickly following. (We celebrate 10 years in September.)
Each wedding has gotten progressively more fun, to the point that we have weddings down to a science. We are goofy, crazy, out-of-control and have the absolute best time at our weddings. A few weddings ago we started "Weddingopoly", a goofy dare game playing off inside jokes and stories about our group of friends.  This wedding's highlights included Scott crowd surfing, our friend Dan starting "Double Dutch" and a spirited toast using the groom's made-up drink "Nerd Bombs."

Now that we're all in our mid-30s, married and most of us with kids, we're onto a different phase of our lives. We may be through with weddings, but I'm sure there's more fun to come.

Not only was the wedding amazing, but I was super happy with my new dress!  I was so close to wearing an old polka-dot number. On a whim, I stopped at Nordstrom's and found this beauty.

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