Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Munch: Harry Caray's

I know this is a super touristy thing to say, but we love Navy Pier. Chicago natives groan at the thought of riding the Ferris wheel in the summer months, and they probably wouldn't dare rent one of those bicycles built for four, or splash through the fountains or take a cruise on the Chicago River. Chicago people are so over the touristy parts of the Windy City. Luckily, we MacKabens are kind of still tourists. So, we still love exploring and exploiting the cheesy touristy parts of the city. This brings me to today's Monday Munch: Harry Caray's---arguably one of the most crowded restaurants on Navy Pier. But, it's great and probably worth the wait. There's sports memorabilia, a fun theme and the food is pretty good. Try the Italian beef sandwich or (don't laugh) the veggie burger smothered in goat cheese and olive spread. It's good. Seriously. Usually we stop by Harry Caray's when we have visitors in town, and it's usually a good time. Who wouldn't have fun drinking a bloody mary out of a Slim Jim?

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