Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A letter to the birthday girl

Dear Julie,

Today  you are 8.

But, I think I might keep you 7 just a little bit longer…at least until 11:18 p.m. (I’m not going to tell you this, but I’m not quite ready for you to be 8.)

Julie, 7 was your year.

We moved 700 miles away but you made the best of it and learned how to shine.

You learned to ride a two-wheeler. No more pushes from daddy or me and you don’t even whine anymore when you’re pedaling up a steep hill.

You love to write and you impressed us so much with your elaborate stories and chapter books. We especially loved the “Xzeedo” series about the little blue dot who came to life.

You found a very best friend, captured the heart of an absolutely amazing teacher and brought home exceptional report cards. You swam like a super star, learned to play tennis and started playing piano. You should be so proud that you mastered “Take me out to the Ball Game” on your keyboard. That wasn’t easy.

You got your first puppy and you could hardly believe he was yours. You feed him and walk him, and sometimes pick up after him. I think you love him more than you realized you would.

Yes. It’s been quite a year. You’ve accomplished quite a lot, but above all else, this is the year your daddy and I really glimpsed the amazing woman you will one day become.

This year you said you didn’t want any birthday presents. Instead, you asked people to make donations to a local animal shelter.

“I’ve gotten presents for seven years. I don't really need any more,” you told us. Hard to believe, but it was all your idea.

You have grown up a lot this year, but when I peeked in your bedroom the other day you were talking to your American Girl and princess dolls all lined up in a row. They were the students and you were the teacher trying very hard to teach a lesson on punctuation. White board and markers. Papers and pencils for each doll.

I smiled.

Even though you’re 8, you’re still ours for a little longer.

Happy Birthday!

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