Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Munch: Lindy's Landing

Julie and Johnny are pretty good at dining out. For the most part, they sit at the table, color, play with Legos and wait for their food to arrive. But, I think all parents feel a little stress when they take their kids out to eat. Not sure how long this lasts...maybe until they're teenagers or beyond. So, when we found a restaurant that has great food, and built-in entertainment for the kids, it quickly became our favorite summer spot.

That distinction, for us, goes to Lindy's Landing in Wauconda. The best part of this beach restaurant/bar is its swimming beach. That's right. There's a swimming beach at the restaurant. Families eat on tables in the sand, while the kids splash around in the water or build sand castles. Obviously, this means you don't dress for a fancy night on the town.

But who cares? Scott and I enjoyed some mango margaritas and appetizers while the kids happily played in the water. Sure. they came to the dinner table covered in sand, but a quick dip in the lake, and a trip to the bathroom fixed that.

Obviously this spot is best in warm weather, but Lindy's is fun during other times of the year too.

Lindy's Landing also hosts quite a few events in town, from fireworks nights, bands and ping pong tournaments to cardboard boat races. My favorite night is Wednesday--Sushi night! A sushi chef comes to the restaurant and prepares fresh, delicious sushi only on Wednesday nights.

The rest of the menu ranges from sandwiches, soups, burgers and salads to fish, steak, chicken and pasta. We have always been pleased with our meals.


  1. I never realized the kids could be at the beach as you ate! WOW!

  2. Yes! That's why we all have to go together. It makes eating at a restaurant so fun and easy!