Saturday, September 14, 2013

Puppy Mama

I used to cringe when people would equate a puppy to a newborn baby. It just bugged me that anyone could think that caring for a furry critter was even close to taking care of a newborn. The absolute worst were the Facebook posts on Mother's Day from kid-less friends proclaiming they were enjoying their "Mother's Day" with their furry babies. Seriously?

Keep in mind that I have never in my life owned a "real" pet...(besides a rabbit named Midnight who died after running headfirst into our basement wall.)

When I heard stories of friends sharing their beds with their dogs or cats I couldn't think of anything less appealing. Celebrating dog birthdays with cake, balloons and presents? Ridiculous, I used to grumble. It's not that I didn't like animals. It's just that, well, an animal is not a kid.

That was until we got our little puppy Chico. While I still believe an animal is not a human and shouldn't be treated like one, I have to admit he's kind of like another kid. More specifically....a toddler.

He needs to be entertained. He's constantly hungry. I need to force him to go potty every hour. Sometimes there's puddles on the floor...or other stuff. He leaves his toys everywhere, munches on shoes, and somehow finds the one thing he's not supposed to play with.

But, just like my own kids, he's the absolute best in my eyes.

He loves to play and his little puppy eyes will just make you melt. His smushed little puggy face is just the cutest. He's super smart and always happy. And, when he snuggles up on my lap and starts to snore, I have to admit, I love being a puppy mama.

My two little boys :)

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