Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Munch: Ditka's

We had some unexpected guests this weekend.
Scott's Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue were traveling across country for their 40th anniversary. On their way back to  California, they decided to stop in Chicago.

When we have guests in town, we always want to show off Chicago's dining scene. There are so many fun restaurants that  Scott and I are always wanting to try something new. This time we decided to give Ditka's a try. Mike Ditka is all Chicago, right?? The restaurant is covered in Bears and Ditka paraphernalia--most of which is pretty funny, though some things are a tad inappropriate for the kids. Overall, it's a fun, happening place.

Scott thought "Da Pork Chop" was great, Uncle Bob liked his steak and Aunt Sue enjoyed the roasted chicken. I ordered Perch, which probably wasn't a great idea because I didn't realize it was covered in batter. Not my favorite. The kids of course loved the chicken fingers, but the service was a little slow, and they got a bit antsy.

I would say Ditka's is worth a visit, though definitely not our favorite Chicago joint. Gibson's Steakhouse still wins in terms of food and far.

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