Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Munch: Gibsons Steakhouse

When Scott first started working in Chicago, he would constantly brag about this restaurant with awesome steaks and crazy desserts. It was Gibsons Steakhouse. The restaurant is downtown and on the pricier side, so we never ventured there with the kids. But, when our good friends Heather and Grant were visiting we jumped on the chance to indulge.  The guys of course went for the huge cuts of steak, which they said were delish. Heather and I aren't huge steak fans, so we opted for the lobster roll, which was pretty good, though I've had a lobster roll in New England, and of course it's hard to compare. What won us over were the insanely huge desserts. We ordered the macadamia turtle pie. It was ridiculous. I mean it was served with a steak knife! Surprisingly we ate the entire piece and were licking the chocolate from the plate. Overall, Gibsons is a fun experience, and a must for tourists.

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