Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sneaky little sleepover

Here's a secret:
As a kid I absolutely hated sleepovers. I'm a morning person. Always have been. So sleepovers were hell. I tired so hard to stay awake, but of course I was always the first to fall asleep. So, I was teased, or worse. One time I was forced to eat dog food because I fell asleep first. Another time, an older sister made this awful concoction of mayonnaise, pickles, hot sauce, peanut butter, and who knows what else. And, I had to gulp down that nonsense. No fun I tell you.

So, when Julie started asking me about having a sleepover. My answer was consistently "No way!" She's in second grade, and I'm so not ready for sleepovers. Scott agreed. We couldn't think of one "plus" to inviting a bunch of second grade girls to our house to spend the night.

But, the little stinker caught us at a weak moment.

We had friends over, who happened to be the parents of one of her very best friends. The kids were up well past bedtime having a great time. And, the adults were drinking a few glasses of wine, and crooning karaoke tunes into the microphone.

Then, the two little girls popped the question: "Can we have a sleepover? Please! Please! Please!"

They were simply too adorable to resist... as are a lot of things after a few glasses of wine.

So, Julie had her first sleepover.

Late to bed. Early to rise. But, the girls had a blast.

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