Monday, December 23, 2013

Can't we all just Believe?

What's with kids' Christmas movies?
Almost every Christmas movie revolves around the premise of some kid not believing in Santa.
It  just annoys me that there are hardly any movies with original plot lines. Why plant the idea of "not believing" in Santa before kids even think about it? How many movies can movies be created about the lack of Christmas cheer?
Even in Mickey Mouse's Christmas movie, Goofy's son 7-year-old son doesn't believe in Santa.
Come on. Why would a movie meant for 5 year olds and younger even mention the possibility of Santa not existing. Of course all these movies have happy endings with everyone believing in Santa.
But, I just don't get why that has to be the thrust of a Christmas movie.
At least for kids' Christmas movies, can't Santa just be without-a-doubt real?
I guess I'm just hanging on to the last threads of magical Christmas. With Julie we probably only have one Christmas (if that) left when she truly believes. There's a Christmas Angel that sends inspirational messages and small gifts and an elf who hides and causes a little mischief. Then, of course there are Santa and Mrs. Claus and their elves. Julie and Johnny believe wholeheartedly in all of these characters. I just want that innocence to last!

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