Monday, December 30, 2013

Is it really over?

It takes at least two months to prepare for Christmas.
Shopping. Wrapping. Singing. Baking. Planning. Partying. A Christmas Angel. An elf on a shelf. Letters to Santa. Advent calendars. Gingerbread men and a Gingerbread house. And, of course Santa.
Then, it's over. Just like that.
No wonder Julie and Johnny always seem depressed and cranky the day after Christmas. I feel the same. All those preparations and magical moments. And, it's done. Caput.
This year was especially fun for our family. We had a packed house: nine people and three dogs.
Scott's mom Janice came out a couple weeks before Christmas to enjoy all the pre-holiday festiveness. There were Christmas pageants, caroling, a Christmas pizza, karaoke, dice games, Christmas Eve service, a visit to Chicago's Botanical Garden, outdoor ice skating and a Santa Breakfast at Macy's in downtown Chicago. We loved having her here, and I think she loved experiencing Christmas through the eyes of her grandkids. On Christmas morning, Janice woke up the earliest--at about 6 a.m. She wanted to be the first to peek at all the presents and turn the lights on the Christmas tree. "It was just magical," she told us.
My parents came the day before Christmas Eve--not wanting to miss our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions. And, my sister, her boyfriend Rob and their two dogs came the day after Christmas---stretching the holiday just a little longer.

It was a full, but merry house. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

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