Friday, December 20, 2013

Spreading Christmas Cheer?

All the "Santa Claus is coming to Town" threats are just bunk.
It doesn't work. At least not in our house.
The closer we get to Christmas, the more Julie and Johnny seem to act up. They whine and pout and make up goofy songs about "Jingle Poop."
And then there was a recent episode of just plain meanness. I'll rehash:

It has snowed quite a bit here, and that's a big deal because Scott's mom is visiting and she rarely sees snow. So, on Tuesday she, Johnny and I went sledding. Then, we made a little tiny snowman. The snow was too powdery to make anything bigger. We had a great time and that little snowman was so cute. He had little berries for eyes, a tiny carrot nose and chocolate chip buttons.

When it came time for Julie to come home from school, I was slipping on my shoes when I heard Julie and her neighborhood friends outside laughing. I went to the door and watched in shock as she and her friend completely smashed the poor little snowman as another friend chanted "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT." Then, Julie gobbled his chocolate chip buttons. Gleefully!

I was pissed.

That was just plain mean. Peer pressure or not.
Smashing a snowman isn't the worst thing a kid could do, but I was just upset that Julie could be so purposefully mean.

Needless to say she got into a little bit of trouble, and the day ended with Julie tearfully writing apology notes. Scott and I told her she had to find ways to spread Christmas cheer.

So far so good. She has given Johnny "art lessons", made cards for all her teachers, sang and danced with her grandma and dropped money in the Salvation Army's red kettle.

Let's keep the Christmas cheer coming. Only 5 more days...

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