Tuesday, January 21, 2014

...because God wants you to look nice....?

We were getting ready for church on Sunday. It was about 15 minutes before we were supposed to head out the door and here's what Julie was wearing when she emerged from her room.

1. A faded yellow University of Delaware t-shirt that was two sizes too small.
2. Pink pants with paint stains.
3. Mismatched socks.
4. Old ratty gym shoes.
5. Toothpaste splotches on her cheeks.
6. Unbrushed hair.

Before you blame the mama, keep in mind, that I had neatly placed a perfectly acceptable outfit at the foot of her bed for her to wear. It was not too prissy or tight or uncomfortable.

Here's how our little conversation went down:

Me: Ummm. Julie, that is not an appropriate outfit to wear to church. That outfit is barely acceptable to wear in the house.

Julie: (Pout. Huff.) But why?

Me: Your shirt is too small. The pants don't match and it just does not look nice. And you have to brush your hair!

Julie: But why do I have to wear a nice outfit to church?

Me: Because that is what you do when you go to church. It shows people you care about being there and you care about yourself.

Julie: That's not true. Clothes don't matter. God loves everyone no matter what they wear.

Me: (Gulp.) True. But, it's still nice to take pride in your appearance when you are going to church. It shows people you care about them and you took time to look nice for church.

Julie: I don't  understand. God doesn't care how you look. You could have the nicest clothes and be a mean person. Or you could wear yucky clothes and be a really nice person. God loves everyone.

Touche'. So, I got burned by my 8-year-old. I did not win that argument with my very perceptive little girl, but she did change her clothes and wash her face and brush her hair. Sometimes mama just pulls rank. And, God loves me anyway.

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