Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Munch: Garcia's Restaurant: Lincoln Square

You will not believe what absolutely amazing story I have been assigned!
It has to be my favorite yet.
Best family-friendly Mexican restaurants in Chicago!
Scott and I couldn't be more ecstatic!
We aren't official foodies and we aren't culinary experts. But we KNOW Mexican.
On our first attempt at the story we found a treasure: Garcia's Restaurant
on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Square (an adorable little neighborhood in Chicago.)
There isn't a website for this goldmine of Mexican fare, but Google and you'll find the menu and all the details.
The restaurant is spacious and perfectly laid out for families large and small. The guacamole was fresh, but a tad bland for my liking.
Scott, however, says that's how guacamole is supposed to be prepared so that diners can add salt or spices to their liking.
The meals were delicious. I ordered the tilapia fish tacos topped with fresh avocado and tomatoes. Perfect.
Scott opted for the Chicago burrito--humongous and smothered with cheese and a delectable sauce...just the way he likes it.
Julie gobbled a burrito made to order with rice, beans, meat, cheese and sour cream, and Johnny
went boring with the chicken fingers. Oh well! Can't win them all over.
Overall a great experience. My only regret? Not ordering a margarita. What was I thinking??
On to the next conquest!

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