Monday, January 13, 2014

Munday Munch: Cantina Laredo

Second on our list of must-eat Mexican restaurants in Chicago: Cantina Laredo. With a prime location on State Street, Cantina Laredo was shockingly not crowded on Saturday afternoon. Surely the Mexican restaurant books up during the dinner hour. But, Scott, the kids and I enjoyed lunch in a pretty empty restaurant.

If you're looking for authentic Mexican fare, this isn't necessarily the place. It's a bit more trendy, but the food is great. We would return just for the table-side guacamole and grilled chicken nachos! The pomegranate margarita was also one of the best I've sipped. (And I'm pretty much a margarita expert.)

Chicken Nachos!

Table-side guacomole

Mom! What are you drinking?
Only  the most delicious margarita ever!

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