Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pure love.

There are some little Julie and Johnny moments I just want to bottle up forever.
I was seriously taken aback by their jaw-dropping sweet innocence tonight.

And it happened in the shower.
Not exactly the place you would expect to find innocence.

But, I unexpectedly found Julie and Johnny showering together. Julie was gently washing his hair, as she calmly told him to close his eyes.

"Good boy Johnny. You're so brave," Julie told him. You 4 year old Johnny hates showers. The last time I tried to give him a shower was probably a year ago, and he screamed as if he were in pain. I don't give my boy showers.

For some odd reason, he hopped in with Julie tonight and she took care of him like a little mommy.
I watched from just outside the bathroom as she bundled him in a towel, dried him off, and hugged him.

Why can't I see these moments of pure sibling love all the time?? And, they're doing it without me they're not expecting praise or treats or anything. They're just being nice to each other to be...nice. WOW!

Naturally I praised the heck out of them and hugged them both together until they wiggled away to get dressed into their matching penguin pajamas. "Let's be sister penguin and brother penguin," Johnny told her, like it was the Brady Bunch or something.

Then, "Julie, I always want to take showers with you. Even when we're grownups, let's always take showers together."

Now, where was my iPhone to record that one???

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