Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Field Trip: Make-a-Messterpiece

This place lives up to its name.
Make -a-Messterpiece in Glenview was the perfect place to get messy. We visited a couple months ago.

There’s goop and paint and bubbles, and usually frosting and sprinkles. Staying neat and clean is not an option.

Smocks (provided when you walk in the door) are a must at this kids’ paradise where messes are encouraged. The inside of the building looks like a gigantic science experiment with aluminum tubes, pipes and gadgets everywhere.  From science and music to culinary experiments and of course art, Make-a-Messterpiece encourages kids to get creative in different ways and to use all their senses.

With hands covered in sticky blue gunk, Julie and Johnny shockingly requested “to get clean”. We had just concocted a special slime, and they had gleefully squished and mushed the mixture, until they apparently had enough. Luckily there are plenty of sinks around the museum, as well as paper towels and hand sanitizer. Before the gooey slime incident, my kids created bubble paintings in the Bubble’ology department, decorated ice cream cones and pounded on drums to splatter paint on walls. They sculpted play-dough, created foam hats, and finger painted on butcher block paper.

Families can easily spend a few hours at the museum happily creating messes. Though the total experience package can be pricey ($22 per kid), kids can still have fun and make a mess for the $10 admission fee, which doesn’t include the extra hands-on activities. ($5 for each extra activity).

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