Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Wow: Julie style

When I found out I was pregnant with Julie, I dreamed of pony tails and braids, ribbons and barrettes.
Little did I know my little girl would care less about pretty hair.

I have been fussing with Julie's hair since before she had hair.
Let me rephrase...I have tried to fuss with her hair...

When she a baby, I loved putting headbands or bows around her adorable round head. Julie would angrily yank them out. As a toddler, Julie screamed horrifically if I so much as tried to brush her hair. This meant for a couple years her hair often looked a wreck.

Once she was in preschool, I think Julie noticed other girls with hair in perfect braids or buns or pigtails. So, occasionally she'd let me do her hair. Those were moments I loved---just brushing and braiding and putting pretty little bows in her hair. And she always looked so darn cute.

Over the years, Julie has gotten a little better about hairstyle. She'll sometimes want a cute side pony tail or headbands, or on special occasions, she'll actually let me curl her hair. If she had it her way, though, I still think she'd walk out of the house with bedhead every morning---which is not an option.

Today, for the first time, she proudly put her hair into a ponytail all by herself.

I didn't have the heart to tell her it looked not-too-great. I was so tempted to fix it...just at least pull out the stray pieces or brush the sides, or put in a barrette to keep the bangs out of her eyes. But, I stopped myself. This was a little bit about her growing up with confidence. She had tried something independently that she has told me a thousand times she "can't!!" do. Finally she does it. Why would I crush that?

I know...deep thoughts for a ponytail.
But, I think it's important to let her accomplish things, even if the end result is imperfect. Why would she ever want to try again if she thinks she can never get it right?

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