Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Munch: Onion Pub and Brewery

I'm not a beer girl...not anymore at least. But, I love a good brewery. While a Miller Lite doesn't appeal to me, I do enjoy trying different local craft beers. Last week Scott and I tried Onion Pub & Brewery in Lake Barrington. I loved the Summer Wit, a Belgian White Ale, which was completely refreshing...especially with the lemon slices. Scott opted for the HopSlayer, an IPA, which he really enjoyed. We intended to just stay for drinks, but who can resist beer cheese soup at a brewery? Absolutely delicious and served with pretzel goldfish. How cute! A platter of hummus, pita and vegetables also made a great match for our beer selections. Another plus about Onion Pub? They offer miniature tastes of any beer you want---that way you can make an intelligent selection.
Though Onion Pub is situated in an odd location (near an industrial park), the beer is great, the atmosphere is fun (there was a band playing), and the food is just right.

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