Friday, April 4, 2014

He's in his head

Johnny sits backwards at story time, ties his shoes in an unusual way, often stares off into space, and now apparently he has Dyslexia, according to his teachers.

I don't buy it.

Obviously if Johnny needs some help in some area, we will seek out all the help he needs. I just don't think he has Dyslexia. Johnny's teacher casually mentioned the possibility the other day. Explaining that Johnny does things completely different than other kids, but somehow ends up with the same result. Whether it's playing a game or tying his shoes, he finds different solutions to problems. She also said he sits backwards at story time every day and often seems to be thinking about something else during school. Somehow, this is a sign of Dyslexia. Admittedly, he sometimes writes his name backwards, but he also sounds out words correctly and forms his letters mostly in the right direction. So, I really don't think it's Dyslexia.

 I think Johnny is maybe just in his own little world at school...just like Julie was at that age.

Both Julie and Johnny aren't typical students. According to their teachers, they  zone off, seemingly not paying attention. When questioned, however, they know exactly what's going on.

When Julie was in preschool, she had about 15 imaginary friends named after various colors who she insisted she played with everyday. Whenever I asked what she did at school that day she would respond "I played with Blue-in and Pink-in and Green-in." She would elaborate on the games she played with these mermaid princess sisters named after colors. And her teachers would insist she wasn't following directions or paying attention. One of her preschool teachers told us "Her mind is with the fairies." Completely true statement.

Johnny, I believe, is thinking about super heroes all day. I'm serious. He doesn't come home and tell us that, but after watching him play on a basketball league I know that's what's happening. The entire time he played rec basketball, he pretended he was Batman. Flying around the court, crashing into the walls, pretending he was chasing the bad guys. Johnny's teacher says he often looks around the classroom or in other directions when she's talking. But when she asks him a question, she always surprises him by knowing the answer.

I can't tell you why our kids are this way. Creativity? Imagination? Stubbornness? Who knows. That's just the way it is. I will tell you, however, I'm not worried one bit.

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