Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Munch: Smoque

Scott was convinced there was no good barbeque in Chicago.
For his job, he has traveled to Memphis, Kansas City, Louisiana and Texas, and he was adamant that he wouldn't find anything as tasty in the Chicago.

He discovered he was wrong this weekend.

I'm working on another delicious article for Chicago Parent---this time about the best BBQ spots for families in Chicago. I love reading about food and restaurants in the city, and I've had my heart set on trying Smoque for quite a while. The little BBQ joint in Irving Park has earned excellent reviews from food critics, and I was dying to try it.

We stopped by Smoque on Saturday---after running the Chicago quarter marathon along the lake. The place was packed! A crowded restaurant is always a sign of good things to come. (Around lunchtime on weekends, finding a table might be difficult, but it's worth the wait.)

Because I was writing the story, we tried a few things on the menu: brisket, ribs, chili, baked beans...
Scott said the brisket was as good as Memphis, and I fell in love with the St. Louis ribs. (I'm not even a rib girl!)

The sides served in little tin cups were perfect. The homemade mac n cheese topped with buttery bread crumbs was delicious. The desserts, also served in little tin cups were scrumptious as well. Scott gobbled the bread pudding, while I devoured the warm peach cobbler.

We will definitely make a return trip for the best barbecue I've ever tasted. Next time we'll bring the kids. Johnny will be all over that mac n cheese, and the pork barbeque sliders will be calling Julie's name, I'm sure. Definitely a diet buster---but awesome food.

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