Friday, May 2, 2014

The Love Note

It doesn't surprise me that my youngest is the first to receive or send a love note.
Our little Johnny has always been quite the lover.
As a baby he was a snuggler, and as a toddler he would hold my face in his pudgy hands and say "Wuv you." Even as a 5-year-old my Johnny finds ways to melt my heart....whether he's drawing me pictures or picking me flowers.

So, it wasn't too shocking when Johnny penned his first love note to our neighbor Sam the other day. (Yes. Sam is a girl. Quite a tomboy, but still a girl.) It started with a freshly picked daffodil from our garden. He desperately wanted to knock on Sam's door and give her the flower.

Then, he decided she needed a note to accompany the flower.

"I love you so much," Johnny wrote in his note.

Then, he drew a picture of the little girl with blue legs, red arms and unusually large purple ears.

He neatly folded the note and stuffed it into an envelope and promptly delivered it.
"I'm the mailman, Mom," he said, as he headed out the door.

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