Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Field Trip: Xtreme Trampoline

The kids and I spend most of our summer days outside. Chicago winters are so terrible that we try not to waste too much time inside. But of course there are exceptions---rainy days, sweltering hot days or just days where you need a change of pace.

Today was one of those days. We spent the last four days outside at Girl Scout camp, so we were ready for something a little different. We headed to Xtreme Trampolines in Buffalo Grove. In February Julie won six tickets to Xtreme Trampoline at a Daddy/Daughter Valentine's dance.

We wanted to make sure we used these special tickets before we moved. (Price is $12 per hour per person.) Julie and Johnny took along four good friends and they jumped the morning away at Xtreme Trampoline.

There are six huge areas covered with trampolines---plenty of space to run, jump, flip and be silly (especially since we basically had the place to ourselves this morning.) The highlights were the foam pit and the dodgeball courts. Who wouldn't love jumping on trampolines while nailing your friends with dodge balls.

Pretty much awesome.



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