Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our little grad

There's our little guy with his preschool teacher. Hat falling down over his ears--all smiles and completely proud that he just graduated preschool.

Before kids, I kind of thought preschool graduations were completely ridiculous. Why all the pomp and circumstance for a bunch of four and five-year-olds? But, I get it. Graduating from preschool is much more for the parents than the kids. When your kids goes off to kindergarten---it's a pretty big transition--probably one of the bigger milestones of childhood.

If you're a stay-at-home mom like me, it's probably a little more emotional--just because you're used to having your little munchkin around all the time. For five years, Johnny has been my little buddy.
By the time he was born, Julie was already in preschool, so many times it was just my guy and me.

Kindergarten changes all that. Off he'll go next year every single day...spending more time with teachers and friends than his mommy.

 I'll ask him what he did that day. Maybe he'll tell me. Maybe he won't. I'll see papers and crafts and drawings and maybe emails from his teacher talking about the school day.

But, I won't be there.

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