Friday, August 1, 2014

Onto the next phase

 I saw my little sister Kelly in a wedding dress.
Considering she's 31 years old, the sight shouldn't seem terribly abnormal or shocking.

But, she's my little sister---five years younger. Because of our age difference, we've always been at different stages in our lives. When I was partying in college, she was in high school. When she was in college, I was getting married and having my first baby. As she has flourished in her career and enjoyed single life, I have been devoting my days to kids and family life.

Kelly and I at the engagement party

Though we are close, it has always seemed like we are light years away, in terms of our lives.

Now she's getting married.

Last week Kelly found the dress. We were visiting Maryland for her engagement party and Kelly, Julie, my mom and I spent the day dress shopping. At the very last shop Kelly tried on a dress and we all new it was the one. It fit perfectly. Her eyes lit up and she seemed to just sparkle.

It's time for the next phase.

Kelly and her fiancé Rob at their engagement party

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