Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"Well, I thought you were putting on some weight"---That was my mom's retort when I told her I was pregnant. A month prior she and my dad were visiting, and apparently she thought I was getting hefty--though she kept that comment to herself until I told her I was pregnant. Oddly enough, I was only a week or two pregnant when they were visiting--not really at the point where you start showing.

Despite my mom's not-so-tactful comments, she was right. I had put on a few pounds recently, which seemed to make me look pregnant very early on in the pregnancy. Add to that the fact that this is my third child, and I look like "it's about to come out", according to Julie.

Yes. I'm 19 weeks and I have definitely popped, which is entirely fine with me. I'd much rather be obviously pregnant than chubby/pregnant.

This is the phase I love. Where people ask when I'm due and whether it's a boy or a girl. My absolute favorite question has to be "Is this your first?" It makes me feel young. When I reply that it's my third, I usually get an "Are you crazy" look followed by "Wow.  Congrats."

If I happen to be with both kids and our dog, then the response from strangers is usually--"You've got your hands full."

It makes me laugh. I used to be one of those moms---just in awe of anyone who had more than two children. Especially when we only had Julie---I would marvel at  moms who juggled multiple kids. How could they possibly do that?

Well, I admit I don't have all the answers yet to life with three kids. I'm 36 with two kids and I'm no dummy. I've been there before. I know it won't be easy and life will be exhausting and challenging.
But, we'll all be OK, and before we know it, life will little kids will be over.

Right now, I'm just going to enjoy my big ole' baby bump.

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  1. You're beautiful and awesome with that bump of yours! Can't wait to see you. Xo