Friday, September 26, 2014

11 Years---quite a wild ride

“Our life isn’t exactly how you pictured it, is it?” –You asked me that a couple weeks ago.

We had been living in a hotel for three months. We were both frustrated, tired and worried. We were stressed about selling our house and anxious about moving into a new house.

I think I just smiled wearily and nodded.

But, you were so right. This life of ours isn’t anything like the life I imagined on that crisp September evening 11 years ago. 
We were young, a bit plump, in love and dancing to “Fools Rush in.” We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had plenty of dreams. Back then, I just assumed we’d live in our little Baltimore townhouse forever. Raise two kids. Work hard. Maybe travel a bit.
My, how wrong I was.
As we settle into our fourth home and prepare for the birth of our third child, I can barely recognize those two 20-somethings. They had all the time in the world, and not too many worries. They went on long walks and bike rides. They held hands constantly, shamelessly made out in public,  played Scrabble and snuggled on the couch every night slurping homemade smoothies.
A lot can happen in 11 years.
Three moves. 2 ¾ kids. A dog.
Our life is noisy. Busy. Stressful. There are two kids and a dog who rarely let us snuggle anymore, and kissing grosses everyone out. There’s whining and tantrums and attitudes and bad moods and sometimes complete chaos. Add to that a new baby and our life is bound to become even more hectic.
But it’s our life. It’s tickle fights and fondue nights. It’s marshmallows and wine around the firepit. It’s karaoke and ping pong and becoming obsessed with the latest Netflix drama. It’s ice cream and adventures.  Sushi and Pho. Football and lots of Mexican food. It’s our crazy, imperfect life.
While everything hasn’t gone exactly as planned and we are bound to face more struggles, we are in this together. You’re perfect for me and I can't imagine doing life with anyone else.
Happy 11th Anniversary!

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