Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday to Our Dreamer

Dear Julie,

For your 9th birthday you requested "lots" of paper, a shrink ray gun and a magic wand from Las Vegas.

You are my writer, my dreamer and my stubborn little girl with her head in the clouds. You think unlike anyone I've ever known, and I want you to know how special that makes you.

Today you are 9. A few years ago I read a blog written by a mom when her daughter turned 9. She lamented that they were "half way there." In just 9 more years, her little girl would be gone.

I can't bear to think of it like that. Nine years seems like a lifetime...and yet it wasn't.

It's wasn't so long ago when you were my 3-year-old who bragged about her 11 imaginary princess friends all named after colors. Every day after preschool you concocted elaborate tales about your princess friends.

I know you don't love princesses anymore but you are still my little girl with a wild imagination.

Your stories are filled with strange little creatures like Xzeedo the blue dot and you love writing letters to the Tooth Fairy inquiring about the existence of water and garden fairies.

You are my believer. You don't care what people think and I so want to keep you like that.

Every year I fear this is the year the magic will be lost. One day, will you just forget to use your wonderful imagination? Will you become realistic and jaded and give up those big dreams?

I hope not.

Your wonderment of the world is what makes you so beautiful. (I know how much you hate being called pretty. But, before you protest, I'm talking about inner beauty.)

You believe anything is possible and that is a gift.

So, I'm sorry there won't be magic wands or shrink ray guns to open today. But the paper we can handle.

Happy Birthday to my little 9 year-old dreamer. We aren't just halfway there. We have a lifetime to go.



  1. This is so beautifully written! Julie is lucky to have such a wonderful mom. It is clear she has grown into a real young lady. Wishing her the happiest of 9th birthdays.

  2. Aw. Thanks Kyle. It's interesting to see our kids change and grow. While you can help steer them, they still have their own personalities. You can't change who they're meant to be :)