Friday, September 5, 2014

It's a.....

When I found out I was pregnant with Julie, I could only dream of a baby girl. I couldn't imagine having anything but a little girl. Growing up, it was just my sister and me... and we definitely weren't tomboys. So, I was terrified of raising a little boy and I was so happy to have my little girl.

Three years later, I found myself wishing for a little boy. I loved having my girly girl who loved princesses and the color pink. But Scott so desperately wanted a boy, and I too, thought I might be missing out if I never had a son. I was so right. Johnny is such a cuddly, lovable little guy.

We can't imagine life without either of them.

With number 3, Scott and I could honestly say we didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl. I know everyone says that with every pregnancy. "Oh. We just want a healthy baby." Of course that's always true, but I believe everyone has a little inkling on which they would prefer. For this baby, I can say I really couldn't decide which I wanted more. I love having a little boy who loves his mommy more than anyone in the world. But, having a baby girl again would be so fun, and maybe this little girl will love American Girl dolls as much as I do. The one reason I was leaning slightly more to girl was Julie. She was adamant that she wanted a sister. "I already have a brother!!" she says.  Of all of us, I have to say, she's the most excited about this new baby, and she's the one who's been begging us for a baby sister for the past three years.  And, seeing her with our new nephew Matthew (Todd and Melinda's four-month-old son), was amazing. She held him, rocked him, and loved him to pieces. She's so ready to be a big sister again.

So, when we found out GIRL, we were pretty psyched.

Check out the kids' reactions:

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