Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bed buddy

I swore I would never do it.
But this is how I spend most of my nights now.

I know the dangers of co-sleeping and I definitely don't want to share our bed with munchkins forever. But I just can't help it with this little girl.

Maybe it's because she spent a week in the NICU and I feel bad for her or maybe it's because she's my last baby. I just don't mind cuddling her all night.

Today she's six weeks old. Some nights she spends in her bassinette but most nights she's in my arms or right by my side. And I secretly love it. I don't mind feeding her in the middle of the night or rocking her to sleep.
She's warm and snuggly. And there's nothing more beautiful than a peacefully sleeping baby.

This is just the thing that I was so against with Julie and Johnny. I never let them sleep in our bed...maybe a few times when they were sick. That's it. I just never wanted to start the habit.

With this one, I know she's our last. Never again will I be able to snuggle my little newborn and comfort them to sleep. No more middle of the night feedings or swaddling or rocking and swaying.

This is it. This is my last shot.
So, I'm going all in.


  1. It's the best feeling. I'm still doing it...haha

  2. I know! I probably will be too! It's definitely my issue because I secretly like it. These babies are just too sweet :)