Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mini Mommy

Julie was 3 1/2 when Johnny was born. She was completely in love with her new baby brother. She was also extremely jealous. I'm not even sure she knew it, but she just didn't know how to deal with the new addition to our family. The spring and summer after Johnny was born were pretty miserable for Julie. She seemed sad and angry. Even though she loved holding her baby brother, she was pretty unhappy.
Having Josie as a baby sister has been a completely different experience. In a way, Julie has morphed into a little mommy. She loves rocking and cuddling with Josie and she doesn't mind changing diapers. She is the one who wants to calm Josie when she cries and she gets upset if she can't hold her or carry her.

This is how Julie and Josie spend a most of our weekends.

Not only as Julie been amazing with her baby sister, but she has also become more responsible in other ways. She follows directions, walks the dog and cleans up without being asked, doesn't talk back and hasn't had a single meltdown since her sister came home from the hospital. She's just a happier girl.

She's completely smitten with her new sister and life is good.


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