Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our little Romeo

My little Johnny was born a lover.
As a newborn he was the best snuggler--always nuzzling into the crook of my neck. As an older baby and toddler he loved to take my face in his hands and give me a big smack on the lips. And as soon as he could talk, it was "I wuv you Mommy."

He was just always the sweetest--wanting to hold my hand or be carried or climb up on my lap for a book. He was compassionate and empathetic---worrying if someone was sick, making his mommy and daddy breakfast and sometimes giving his prizes from preschool to his big sister.

This big loving personality has also made my Johnny quite the Romeo with the girls. When we were in Chicago he claimed he was in love with our next door neighbor Sammie--an adorable brown-haired tom boy who loved Batman just as much as Johnny. They were pretty much inseparable. That was his girlfriend for a long time, and when we moved to Georgia, he often sent her love letters.

Though he still has a little flame burning for Sammie, he informed me the other day that he has two girlfriends. One, whom had a birthday the next day, who he just had to buy a present for that very day. So, we went to the Dollar Store, he picked out a "Barbie" and dug $2 out of his wallet.

When we came home, he hurriedly wrapped it in pink paper and topped it with a bow and a little note. Hope our Johnny always stays so sweet, and doesn't get his heart broken too many times.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Miss Trouble

I will preface this post by saying I'm 37 and Scott is almost 40. We're officially 10 years older than when when Julie was Josie's age.

So, there's a possibility that Scott and I are just infinitely more tired and old this time around. We also have three kids, not just one, so we are busier and more distracted.

These could all be used as Josie's defense.

BUT....our baby has become a bit of a troublemaker. A happy and adorable troublemaker, but a little Miss Trouble, nonetheless. I know. I know. Once babies start moving, they are just curious and looking to explore the world. But, it really feels like she's looking for trouble...like she's seeking out that one thing she's not allowed to have.

Here's the evidence:

Exhibit A:  Mommy is doing dishes. I was playing with toys, but I decided the bag of recyclables is so much more fun. Fresca anyone??

Exhibit B:

Mommy is going to the bathroom, two feet away. I was playing nicely with my bath toys, but I decided to open the cabinet and find these Q-tips. Yum.

Exhibit C: Mommy is busy cooking dinner. I don't think she'd mind if I emptied every drawer . Pans and chips are harmless right? Plus, this is just really funny. 

Exhibit D: Oh, hi Mom. I thought I'd try some of this Halloween candy you're all talking about. 

Exhibit E: What? You thought I was downstairs with you while you got out the fall decorations? Sorry. I needed to get something upstairs.