Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy 1 Josie!

Dear Josie,

Today you are 1.
You are my angel baby, don't you know?
One year ago you terrified me. You were tiny and hooked up to tubes and you didn't open your eyes for three days. One day I pushed back your eyelids just to make sure you had eyes. Sometimes I wasn't allowed to hold you and that was so so hard. Just to look at  you all peaceful and still and not even be able to rock you or feed you. I just wanted to wrap you up and snuggle you like I had my other babies.

I worried about you. Prayed harder than I've ever prayed. And when the day came that I had to leave you there I'd never felt so much pain. I never wanted anything more than to just bring you home.

I prayed you would come home for Christmas. And you did. Earlier even. My heart hurt just thinking about all the other babies still there who wouldn't come home yet and some who would never make it home. I felt so lucky to have you that I barely put you down.

You opened my eyes little girl--and my heart. You--the absolutely beautiful baby girl who came into our little family of four a bit unexpectedly happened to be exactly what we needed. You and your sweet smile and silly little giggle have brought so much happiness and you've taught us more about life and love than you can imagine.

Thank you my precious little surprise for making life a whole lot sweeter.


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