Monday, March 28, 2016

Big spender

This is it.
After saving for months, Johnny spent his hard-earned $26 on something every kid wants----a salt and pepper shaker Fork Man. Appropriately (or more accurately "inappropriately") titled "Forked Up Art." (In my defense, I didn't notice that tag until afterwards.)

This is not exactly how I would choose to spend 26 bucks, but Scott and I have taken the approach that the kids can pretty much spend THEIR money on whatever they like...within reason of course. Ideally this means we don't buy the kids impromptu things like toys or movies or books or Fork Men. If they spend all their money... they just have to save again.

Johnny's usually quite the spender. He's impulsive and usually spends his money immediately...whether it be toys or treats or books. But, once he laid eyes on this Fork Man he was convinced he had to save. Save he did..though the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny allowed him to reach his $26 goal a little quicker.

And, while, we ultimately hope he'll learn some real life money lessons some day, we can't help but smile at how happy this guy was today.

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