Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Budding actress

The acting bug has bitten Julie, but I'm not so sure she was a natural born actress.

Up until last year, Julie really didn't have a desire to get on stage.
As a preschooler, she sat timidly on stage for school performances, refusing to sing a note. In kindergarten she froze during her first ballet recital--just staring around at the other dancers.

Funny how things change.
These days drama is all she seems to think about. She nailed the part of Jafar in the school play "Aladdin". She loved playing the part of the villain, and truly became Jafar--evil laugh and all.

"OK I'm ready for my next play," Julie proclaimed the day after the "Aladdin" performance.
So, she auditioned at a small local theatre company for the play "Annie", and she was given the role of "Annie."
Granted, it's a really small play, but she was ecstatic, and so excited to play the lead role. We just love that she has the confidence and desire to perform. Next up is the school's "Little Mermaid" performance, for which she auditions on Friday.

Getting up in front of people was definitely not my forte. I can recall a handful of times I stayed home from school on days when I was supposed to give a speech or book report.

It's an awesome skill to possess--to be comfortable in front of an audience. Though we've had some angst this year about giving up other activities (basketball and Girl Scouts to name a couple), I think, from drama she will learn life-long skills.

Not sure what the future holds for this little actress. But she's determined to shoot for the stars.

"I want to be on Broadway," Julie tells us these days.

I say, Go for it!

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