Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here's to 2017

I haven't posted in 8 months.
I'm not really sure why. Lack of motivation? Lack of inspiration? In a rut??

Well, it's a new year. Time to start anew right?

I'm not quite sure how to catch up on the last 8 months---other than with this little apology post to myself. Because, let's be real---at this point not  many other people read this. And it was always intended for me---a continuation of my diary I kept since the age of 7.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these blogs (if anything). What I do know is that when I write consistently and honestly about my life it's therapeutic of me. It's my "Me Time." I'm writing what I feel and think and there's no one to judge (OK, if you're reading this, I guess there are people to judge), but I'm writing for me and no one else.

I might not do anything else productive for the entire day, or I might have a really rotten day with whiny kids and a messy house. If I find 10 minutes to write down my thoughts---the whole day spins in a different direction.

I feel so much better about myself, and life in general.

That sounds so silly, but, even as I'm writing this, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.

So, while this post isn't saying much at all. To me, it's a new start. Let's call it a New Year's Resolution. I resolve to take at least 20 minutes a week to blog, journal, write whatever comes to mind....

Here's to 2017 and catching you up on my life. If you don't care to read, move on. It's just for me, after all.

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